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Prince Harry talks about mental health


Such a brave and positive decision by Prince Harry to openly talk about his own mental health and how he struggled with anxiety and anger as a result of not dealing with his emotions following the death of his mother.

Unfortunately seeking counselling still carries such a stigma. People are ashamed and embarrassed to ask for help or to admit that they are struggling.They struggle on for weeks, months and years keeping everything to themselves trying to cope alone because they are afraid. Why are we so afraid to admit to those closest to us that “actually I’m not ok”, “I feel like crap”, “I feel I cant cope anymore” “I’m suffering big time here”?

When people do look for professional help they often seek out counselling outside their locality for fear of being spotted. They rarely admit to friends or family members that they are attending a therapist because they are ashamed.

Our vulnerabilities are not our weaknesses they are our strengths. When we can admit, acknowledge, embrace and talk about our vulnerabilities then we stop them having power over us.

Its time we viewed mental health in the same way that we view physical health. If my body feels sick I go to the doctor…. If I am struggling with my thoughts, emotions, feelings etc I talk to a loved one or I go to my mental health expert…..its not shameful it’s simple.

Everybody struggles at some point, therefore everyone knows what it feels like to not be ok, life can be pretty crap for everyone at times….its about time we started admitting that to ourselves and to each other. Lets stop portraying perfection and lets start being real………rant over.

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